Thursday, July 06, 2017

Six of the Best 705

"The party needs to pick itself up and move on. It must continue to fly the banner for Remain, and tap the growing anger over Brexit – even if the end game is unclear. But the party also badly needs to move on to explain what it is for beyond Brexit. With problems for Britain piling up in all directions, the voters surely need to be offered liberal solutions." Matthew Green says the Liberal Democrats must keep going.

Alison Teal, a Green councillor in Sheffield, on why she is ignoring legal threats to protest against the Labour authority's felling of the city's trees.

"Some would like to recruit you into a Ruritanian costume drama played out to esoteric rules. Do not be captured by them." Iain Brodie Browne reflects on a year as mayor of Sefton.

Lisa on urban street photography and the history of childhood.

IanVisits takes us to an experimental tube tunnel dug under the streets of New Cross in the 1970s.

"He retains the boyish silhouette of that teenaged prodigy who went off to get it together in a country cottage with his mates from the West Midlands, and the modest, unaffected charm of a man who held a special place in the affections of all Island Records employees in the 1970s." Richard Williams heard Steve Winwood play at the Hammersmith Apollo last night.

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