Sunday, July 02, 2017

Lemon Jelly: Nice Weather for Ducks

Apparently this reached number 16 in the UK singles chart in 2002. I would pay more attention to that chart if it featured were more songs like this.

It comes from Lemon Jelly's album Lost Horizons:
Many reviews singled out "Nice Weather for Ducks" as the album's stand-out track. Mason selected the "dreamy, acoustic guitar-based" song as one of the album's highlights in his review. Dahlen described it as "the most likeable" on the album, and concluded that it is "a happy-slappy lollipop of a song that nicely sums this record up: Sunny, bright, and vaguely irritating." Wysel wrote, "When the flugelhorn arrives on 'Nice Weather for Ducks' it is impossible to believe there is any evil in the world."
Lemon Jelly had hoped to sample John Langstaff's performance of his song "All the Ducks" but could not get the rights. So it was re-recorded for them by the actor Enn Reitel.

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