Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Six of the Best 709

"The Chagos Islands, a beautiful archipelago of seven atolls in the Indian Ocean, comprise of more than 60 individual tropical islands of sun swept beaches and palm trees. Yet, for nearly 50 years the local Chagossian people, known as the Illois, have been denied the right of return. Their story is one of expulsion, lies, betrayal and severe poverty." Ollie Taylor on a dark episode in postwar history.

Y Cneifiwr on Carmarthenshire County Council's persecution of the blogger Jacqui Thompson.

"More than 500 streets across England have been temporarily closed for play over the past few years, with support from around 45 local authorities, and the idea has recently spread to Canada and Australia." Divided cities can be brought together by children playing in the road, says Apolitical.

The British government wants to put all pornographic websites behind an age-verification wall. But, as Jerry Barnett points out, this ambition could affect many other sites too.

We have replaced regular church going with visits to sacred sites, argues Lousie Hampson.

Adrian Yekkes takes us to five Art Deco and modernist buildings across London.

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