Monday, July 17, 2017

Nick Clegg: My nieces and nephews voted for Corbyn

This story went up on the Sun website earlier this week:
Mr Clegg, who was leader of the Liberal Democrats from 2007 until the disastrous 2015 election which saw his party lose all but eight seats, said that Labour had hoovered up a lot of university-educated, young voters in the recent snap vote. 
He said: "It's on a completely false prospectus. But I had members of my own family, my nieces and nephews who stridently voted for Corbyn. 
"When I pointed out to them he’s a Eurosceptic, they said, 'oh, it’ll be fine' and carried on waving their flags at Glastonbury." 
But he speculated that the youth vote would not stick with Mr Corbyn because they were yet to discover his rampant Eurosceptisism, and that he would not save them from Brexit.
Nick, surely rightly, attributes his loss in Sheffield Hallam to Conservative voters unwillingness to vote for him tactically this time around.

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