Saturday, July 15, 2017

Behind the facade of Conservative unity it's ferrets-in-a-sack time

Politics Home says Theresa May’s enemies plan to challenge her leadership in the week after the Conservative conference.

That is the traditional time to do it. Remember the rapturous reception the Tories gave Iain Duncan Smith just before they shot him?

But it is clear that cabinet members are already fighting for the succession. Take a couple of stories that appeared in the press today.

There was the one, in the words of the Telegraph, where
Philip Hammond has found himself at the heart of a sexism row after telling fellow members of the cabinet that driving trains was so easy "even a woman can do it."
It may be true. It may be true but exaggerated. It may be false.

But the most striking thing is that an account of a discussion at cabinet has appeared in the press at all.

Who passed on the story?

As a Remain supporter, the chancellor is not trusted by the Leavers around the table, so look for the culprit among them.

Not that all is sweetness and light among the Leavers. Have a look at  this headline from the Sun:
BOJO SEX SMEAR Ally of David Davis is spreading rumours Boris Johnson slept with Theresa May’s aide during campaign
What are we to make of this one?

It could be that someone from Davis's camp really is spreading these rumours. Equally, it could be that the Johnson camp is spreading the rumour that this rumour is being spread to discredit Davis.

It it is the latter, then this could also be an attempt to put Johnson's private life out of bounds in any future leadership election - even though he has been given a remarkably easy ride in this area.

I don't know which explanation is true or if there is an even more machiavellian one. The only clue is that the story is written by Harry Cole, who comes from the Guido Fawkes team where adoration of Boris Johnson is the house religion.

Whatever the truth of this, you don't have to read between the lines to know the Conservatives are at each other's throats. You just have to read the headlines.

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Unknown said...

They sound like a load of Preying Mantis devouring themselves. What is this about Johnson? Has he got skeletons in the cupboard?As far as I am concerned we should investigate his private life and political slip ups to know your enemy.