Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sunday afternoon teas to do justice to Richard Jefferies

Richard Jefferies, the 19th century author I wrote my dissertation about, deserves to be better known.

So it is good to read this on the Swindon Advertiser site:
The work of Victorian nature writer Richard Jefferies is being brought to a new audience this summer. 
A series of cream tea and culture Sundays is being staged at his birthplace near Coate Water and it is proving popular. 
"The museum is dedicated to Richard Jefferies but a lot of people have never heard of him," said manager Mike Pringle. "Just wandering around looking at books in cases isn’t really doing justice to him. 
"We thought on Sunday afternoons when we’re open why not up the game a bit and make it an event rather than just a visit?"
You can read more about the plans on the museum's website.

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