Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The remains of the Hanbury mausoleum at Church Langton

So I went to Church Langton churchyard to pay my respects to J.W. Logan.

I was sorry to see that one of the other Logan family monuments has been damaged, but please that a couple of plaques inside the church that a family member has recently contributed to restoration there.

But the structure in the photograph above is the remains of the Hanbury family mausoleum. I have blogged about William Hanbury and his ambitions for Church Langton before.

John Throsby saw the mausoleum in 1790:
Near the above, in a seat, is a rude pile of bricks which incloses the body of the late Mr. Hanbury. For its reception, he built a mausoleum in the church-yard; but thither it, at present, has not found its way, although I am told, that some of the ashes of his kindred rest in it. It seems somewhat a pity but his will was complied with in this instance. The mausoleum is built of wrought stone, plain and lofty.
It was taken down in 1865. All that remains today is the base, which home to a rather fine statue of an angel.

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