Thursday, October 29, 2020

Britain's Big Cat Mystery: A new film

I was watching Countryfile earlier this evening and red kites got a mention. A reintroduction programme began at the start of the century and now they can be seen all across Britain.

So if an ecological niche is vacant, an animal will fill it given the chance.

Which made me think of my favourite Fortean theory - the idea that big cats are living wild in the British countryside.

There is a film coming on Britain's Big Cat Mystery - you can see the trailer above.

Its YouTube page boasts:

This film adds substance to folklore and myth to establish the historic and scientific facts; and now, after years of tireless and extensive research, the story of ‘Britain’s Big Cat Mystery’ can finally be told with more clarity, detail and substantiated fact than has ever been possible before. 

Join the team, as they review newly uncovered and previously lost evidence, including long-forgotten archive footage, as well as exclusive new interviews with key witnesses to the seminal events in the history of the mysterious big cats of Britain, who until now have been unwilling to talk on camera...

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