Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The new bridge at Tintagel Castle

Maybe Uther Pendragon never lived at Tintagel Castle, but recent archaeological investigations suggest that it did flourish as a high-status settlement just after the Romans left Britain.

And the Arthurian connection is one of the things that brings visitors to this spectacular site on the North Cornwall coast.

It used to be a difficult one for visitors to access or interpret. Sometime in the 14th or 15th century a natural land bridge collapsed here, taking part of the castle with it. What was left looked like two fortresses facing one another across a chasm.

In 2019 an elegant and spectacular bridge was thrown across that chasm. You can learn all about it in the video above.

I remember Tintagel as a welcome resting point on what is a brutal coast for long-distance walkers. I also recall slogging uphill to the modern village, only to find it dominated by establishments like the Morgan Le Fay Gift Shoppe and the Sir Galahad Fudge Bar.

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