Friday, October 09, 2020

Lib Dems slip behind Greens in latest opinion poll

It's only one poll, but this is far from encouraging.

The latest YouGov opinion poll shows the following levels of support for the parties:


Conservatives             41   
Labour                        38
Green Party                  6
Liberal Democrats        5

The messages the vaguely interested voter will have heard from the party in recent weeks is that we have not been listening and that we have watered down our commitment to the EU. So perhaps this poll finding should not be such a surprise.

Meanwhile Ed Davey continues his listening tour...


nigel hunter said...

Why is it always YouGov that appears every time and not others? Is it cos Tory Zahawi (with £25 million in London Property) and Shakespeare are 'influencers' to keep the Cons on top.
Should Davey stop talking to people if it is giving negative vibes and allow local parties to do it and then report to HQ for it looks like it is not doing the party any good.

Nigel Jones said...

Some people supported us just because of the EU, but now know that fight is lost, so they are ignoring us. Some still feel the party has not recovered its centre left position and have said explicitly they like Keir Starmer so turning to Labour. Until we get a positive message and vision, not just a list of policies and criticisms of government, we will be ignored on national issues. In the meantime we must concentrate on issues that affect local government and win more seats next May.
Nigel Jones

Phil Beesley said...

This is symptomatic of something seriously wrong in the Lib Dems. Prior to General Election 2019, Lib Dem press office had a few good stories in the press every week. The only press reports I have read for weeks are PMQs. Good press stories read by 0.1% of the population.