Sunday, October 04, 2020

Six of the Best 964

James Baillie blogs on the Liberal Democrats' first virtual annual conference and Ed Davey: "His charge of the party 'failing to listen' came across poorly to those in the membership who feel that over the past decade, it has tended to be the leadership in which Ed has often featured, not the membership, who have often failed to address the reasons why the party lost many voters’ trust and to move forward effectively from the party’s time in government."

"For all of the country’s flaws, Britain is not America. Trying to understand its racial dynamics through the lens of another country’s does more to obscure than to illuminate the situation that black Britons like myself actually face." Tomiwa Owolade argues that its time to stop imposing American views about race on Britain.

The anthropologist James Suzman believes is is the perfect time to rein in our unsustainable work habits. Elle Hunt looks at the case she makes. 

Rosie Lindsay says Leicestershire needs a green recovery.

Paul McParlan examines the tragedy of Albert Johanneson, the pioneer who paved the way for Black footballers at the top.

"England’s Co-operative Movement is the first book to tell the intriguing story of England’s co-op architecture, from much-loved corner shops through huge department stores to the factories and warehouses that supplied them." Lynn Pearson selects her 10 favourite Co-op buildings.

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