Saturday, October 31, 2020

Six of the Best 971

Francesca Borri visits the Hyde Park neighbourhood in Leeds, and finds a community abandoned by government and ravaged by deprivation as much as Covid-19.

A Canadian research project gave homeless people $7,500 each. Bridgette Watson finds the results were "beautifully surprising",

"It’s possible that the first MP from what we might consider an ethnic minority background today was elected as early as 1767. James Townshend, Whig MP for West Looe in Cornwall, had a British grandfather who worked for the Royal African Company, a mercantile trading company that also traded enslaved people. His grandmother, a prominent businesswoman who also owned enslaved people, was of African and Dutch descent." Rebecca Lees discovers the first MPs from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Colin Horgan on a study of 'little men' in 1930s Germany that shows how people allow tyranny to spread.

Michael Seely looks back on Alan Plater’s Beiderbecke trilogy.

As a treat for Halloween, David Castleton selects the London Underground's seven most haunted stations. Expect "tales of 'black nuns' with a fondness for harassing banking establishments, screams that still echo from World-War-II air-raids, crypts converted into ticket offices, prehistoric elephants with axes in their heads and attempts to explain why the Underground has acquired such a reputation for being a haven of spooks."

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nigel hunter said...

Colin Horgan has hit the nail on the head. There are indications of this today with the virus.Little steps building up to a bigger step (monthly lockdowns) so that people accept change gradually till it is too late. There are traces around of going in the wrong direction'Laws quietly pushed thru parliament at the last minute without notice. Denigrating migrants. Jobs for the boys (TandT PPE)Johnsons govnt has to be scrutinised every step of the way.I wonder which books Cumming read in his days of sitting 'under the tree'?
Look up anyone/ (Free Inquiry vol23 No 2 Fascism Anyone? by L W Brit.14 points about fascism. No6 control the media,No13 rampant cronyism and corruption. No14 Fraudulent elections, America anyone!?
It has to be confronted constantly.