Friday, October 09, 2020

Market Harborough coach park plans put on hold

Eighteen months ago - you can't have forgotten - I blogged about plans to provide extra parking in the centre of Market Harborough to cater for visiting coaches.

But today Harborough FM, which these days provides the best local news service, reported:

Plans to build a coach park in Market Harborough town centre have been put on hold because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Council bosses have taken the decision in light of the downturn in the coach tourism industry, potentially impacting on demand for such a facility.

They had set aside £400,000 to build it on land off Northampton Road in a bit to boost visitor numbers, as part of a new car park, but are instead to prioritise support can be offered to tourism and travel business in the District at the current time.

It's good that coach parties now think of stopping in Market Harborough for lunch or tea, but I am pleased that my favourite patch of waste ground in the town centre will survive for a bit longer.

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