Sunday, June 30, 2024

Della Reese: If It Feels Good, Do It

This is a brilliant record, and one I thought I'd always known. But why I know it is a bit of a mystery, as  it wasn't a hit in the UK or even the US.

If It Feels Good, Do it was first recorded in 1971 by Hog Heaven, who were Tommy James and the Shondells minus Tommy James. It was written by Mike Vale, a member of the band, and recorded with a loose, jam-band feel.

Della Reese's version came out the same year, and was released again in the UK in 1974 after it had become a northern soul classic.

It wasn't a hit then either, but apparently Alan Freeman had never stopped playing in on wonderful Radio 1. So maybe I should thank Fluff for this song

Della Reese, who was 40 when she recorded it, enjoyed a long career as a singer and an actor.

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