Sunday, June 23, 2024

Summer's here at last! The first schoolboy wearing a skirt story is in

Just as it doesn't feel like Christmas is coming until we've seen a news story about a crap Santa's Wonderland, so it's not summer until the first boy has gone to school in a skirt as a protest against not being allowed to wear shorts.

And summer 2024 is here, reports the Kidderminster Shuttle, thanks to the head boy of a school in Worcester:

Nikita Tkachuk, who has just finished his GCSEs at Nunnery Wood High School, protested as he believes it is unfair that boys must wear long trousers during summer months.

He wanted the uniform to include tailored shorts but the school said it does not have plans to change its uniform policy at this time. 

The 17-year-old, originally from Ukraine and now living in St Peter's, had the support of his classmates when he turned up in the school skirt. ...

According to Nikita, the scorching heat during lunchtime made wearing long black polyester trousers 'unbearable.' 

He said, unlike girls who could wear skirts above the knee, boys attending Nunnery Wood School are required to wear full-length trousers. 

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