Friday, June 21, 2024

Mr Asquith can sleep soundly in Sutton Courtenay churchyard

Yesterday the Liberal Democrats held two council seats in Oxfordshire. 

Because of ill health, Richard Webber had been forced to resign both the seats he held. They were the Sutton Courtenay ward of Vale of White Horse District Council and the Sutton Courtenay and Marcham ward of Oxfordshire County Council.

And both seats were held for the party in the resultant by-elections yesterday by Peter Stevens.

Andrew Teale will tell you all about the surprisingly industrial geography of the seats, but the village of Sutton Courtenay itself is on the Thames.

And in its churchyard you will find the tomb of a Liberal prime minister: H.H. Asquith. He chose to be buried at Sutton Courtenay rather than in Westminster Abbey.

He's not the only famous person buried there: you will also find the grave of a celebrated 20th-century writer.

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Ian Patterson said...

Mr Asquith and Mr Orwell would have had some entertaining conversations had they met in real life.