Sunday, June 23, 2024

Mott the Hoople: All the Way from Memphis

I liked this when it was in the charts in 1973, but I never grasped what it was about.

Wikipedia says:

The song tells a story about a rock and roller whose guitar is shipped to Oriole, Kentucky, instead of Memphis, Tennessee. ...

The musician gets half-way to Memphis before he realises his guitar is missing. It takes a month to track it down. When he gets the guitar back, he is scolded by a stranger for being neglectful and self-centered with the phrase "rock-n-rollers; you're all the same". ...

The song reflects a weariness with the rock and roll life-style, including the strain of constant touring and the low public opinion of rock 'n' roll singers. This theme appears in the chorus, which is repeated with minor variations: "you look like a star, but you're still on the dole," "you look like a star, but you're really out on parole."

Ian Hunter's vocals looked forward to punk, yet he was a prewar baby - born on 3 June 1939.

His website suggests he is still going strong.

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