Sunday, May 27, 2007

BritBlog Roundup 119

Let's start with Random Acts of Reality and a case of a passer-by saving someone's life. I am afraid it is all downhill from there.

The political story of the week should have been the collapse of the Medical Training Application Service - see The Ferret Fancier for the gory details and the background.

Instead it has again been the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal. PooterGeek satirises the reaction of the British tabloid press. This is a difficult subject to tackle but he gets the tone just right and makes some important points.

Back in Britain there has been debate about the far-right British National Party. Is it rising and should we worry if it is? D-squrared Digest thinks it is not rising and backs this argument with facts and analysis. Dan Hardie disagrees and the Yorkshire Ranter and Blood & Treasure continue the debate.

Elsewhere in the political world, The Wardman Wire looks at things "through the lingerie lens" and Central News is outraged at the thought of prisons having smoking and non-smoking cells. Meanwhile The Daily (Maybe) calculates the odds on the Labour deputy leadership contest.

Another political story this week has been McDonald's attempt to rewrite the Oxford English Dictionary to improve its corporate image. Blood & Treasure (again) discovered something interesting about the MP who is helping the campaign.

The Shadow of the Olive Tree has found a survey on what people think of the "England/Britain/UK confusion". He thinks it would be good if it got more coverage amongst bloggers who are not rabid English nationalists. Now it has.

And so to country matters. Philobiblon has learned to look at hedges with new eyes, while Bean Sprouts wants everyone to keep chickens. And if you do want to, you will find three more articles on that site telling you how.

Turning to powerful women, Lady Bracknell proves she came up with the Skoda advert idea first. Mind the Gap! looks at Professor Jocelyn Mabel Peabody, who was one of Dan Dare's crew.

A tale of two cities next: Petite Anglaise looks at life in Paris, where she is still learning new French expressions, while Diamond Geezer looks at days out in London.

And whichever city you are in, you may want to consider getting magical Sat-Nav. Early Modern Whale explains.

Next week's roundup will be at Philobiblon. As ever nominations should be sent to britblog [at] gmail [dot] com.


Henry North London 2.0 said...

No one leaves comments on my blog usually Sniff! Is it cos I is too political?

Anonymous said...

I'm slightly surprised to see you recommending a BNP blog ?

Henry North London 2.0 said...

We can't sweep the BNP; hateful as the subject is, under the carpet. It has to be openly debated and with the full facts in order. FWIW even though I'm going to really pee some people off here I happen to agree with some of what Enoch Powell said in his rivers of blood speech and Im of Indian origin born here and totally integrated from my viewpoint and it upsets and disappoints me when I see the divide in the societies especially in the northwest just north of Manchester and in Bradford and Leeds where the bombers were. It is precisely what he was talking about. If we were all nicely integrated and happy with each other and it takes both sides to do that then we probably wouldn't have the threat of almost 60 bomb plots a year in London by extremist organisations.

Everyone has their part to play both the overwhelmingly white majority and the semi apartheid conditions of the northwest are not helping