Wednesday, May 09, 2007

J. Arthur MacNumpty on the Scottish Lib Dems

The redoubtable blogger writes:
They could turn things around tomorrow by saying, "We've been part of a Coalition for eight years; for the Party's sake and for Scotland's sake, it's time for a new way of conducting relations with other parties. We feel that minority government would stimulate debate and make politics more interesting, it would also leave us free to support an Executive wholeheartedly when we agree with it, and oppose it when we do not." Or something like that. Something positive rather than "We won't even talk to X because of Y." By persisting in the negative approach, they're harming themselves.
It makes sense to me.

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dreamingspire said...

Where I live, with a minority LD local administration, they would help them and us all if they were more positive and looked ahead a little, using facts so as to disarm the attackers. But always too, too BUSY.