Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gordon Brown: No contest, no debate

So it's going to be a coronation:

Gordon Brown has secured the backing of enough MPs to ensure he will not face a contest to become the next Labour leader and prime minister.

Mr Brown has 308 nominations prompting his only rival, left-winger John McDonnell, to concede. He was 16 nominations short of the 45 required.

Mr McDonnell said he was disappointed on behalf of Labour Party members and it was a "blow to democracy".

I'm no fan of John McDonnell, but I think he is right. The lack of a contest or even a debate will reawaken every doubt that the wider public has ever had about him.

Later. At least Labour has more sense than the Liberal Democrats in one way: their MPs are not allowed to nominate more than one leadership candidate.


Niles said...

Oh, good grief. The news has been tedious enough over the last few weeks, with "PM still resigning / girl still missing / Brown still likely to take over" heading all the bulletins.

If there's not even a challenger do we still get the endless tedium of the Gordon Brown Roadshow for weeks to come? Do the Labour party get a RON ballot?

susan press said...

Diddly squat is what Labour members get. Expect this one to haunt Brown.....good.