Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tory shambles in North Devon?

An unconfirmed report reaches me that the the Tories turned up at the AGM of North Devon District Council four members light. The result is that a Lib Dem was elected Chairman, and an all-party executive was elected, which was the situation before the recent elections.

So despite a nominal Tory majority of one, the council remains NOC.

My informant says this is poetic justice as the Tories got more seats for fewer votes than the Lib Dems.

Does anyone have more on this?

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Fremington and Yelland said...

Quite correct, the Tories won the Ballot but ost the peace. No one smelt a rodent when it was proposed to hold the vote for Chairman by secret ballot, thus giving the opportunity for three Tories to vote for the Lib/Dem nomination.
roy morrish