Saturday, May 19, 2007

Good news for John Hemming

Sean Fear has written an analysis of how the Birmingham seats may be shared out at the next general election. He writes:
Neither Sutton Coldfield or Yardley are going to change hands at the next election. The Conservatives won 60% in Sutton Coldfield this year, and the Liberal Democrats won 57% in Yardley. Sutton Coldfield has always been rock solid, and Yardley certainly looks as though it now is. It is hard to imagine that the Conservatives held that seat up until 1992. This year, they won less than 10% in its ward.
The thought that we have a Lib Dem seat in Birmingham that is almost as safe for us as Sutton Coldfield is for the Tories is remarkable indeed.

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Lets go for a few more.