Sunday, May 20, 2007

Carry On at Bonkers Hall

Having previously noted that Nevill Holt in Leicestershire may well be the inspiration for Bonkers Hall, the ancestral home of my alter ego, I suppose I am obliged to pass on the following story.

The Mail on Sunday reports the adventures of "Old Etonian eco-warrior Hector Christie, 43" and in particular his attendance at the 40th birthday party of Nevill Holt's owner David Ross:
The champagne-fuelled bash, which Ross hosted at Nevill Holt Hall, his 700-year-old 90-room mansion in Leicestershire, was themed around the Carry On films. Among the 400 guests were footballer Gary Lineker, whose sister-in-law Ali Cockayne once dated Ross.

"I stopped off at David's party on my journey back to Devon," says Hector, who runs his own stately pile, Tapeley Park as a hippie commune. "A lot of people were dressed as doctors and nurses, but I just went in my viking costume as I was already in fancy dress for the protests.

"I'm afraid I got rather drunk - cocktails were dispensed by syringes straight into your mouth, and I spent most of the time talking to four women sitting either side of the bar who were naked apart from a few strategically placed flowers."
How the other half lives, eh?

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David said...

It would never happen in Chard.

Cricket St Thomas down the road has had its moments.