Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jonathan Meades: Abroad Again again

I have just watched the second - rather sombre - programme in the series Jonathan Meades: Abroad Again.

There is a good review of the first on Off the Telly:
Lord Reith was a Presbyterian Scot, a Wee Free wallah, among whose folks the most timid involvement in sensual pleasures had you hellbound. Strange, then, that perhaps the greatest living embodiment of Reith's dictum "inform, entertain, educate" should be a bohemian epicure from Salisbury who extols indulgence in food and architecture.

Jonathan Meades' new series from BBC Scotland (the irony!) looks very much like further confirming this stature, if the quite startlingly wonderful first-of-five, "Father to the Man", is anything to go by.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I have missed both - are they available online?