Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tory tactics in Brent

A comment on Liberal Democrat Voice deserves wider notice:
I have in front of me the Dudden Hill Ward By-Election Special put out by the Conservative Party. The headline is CONSERVATIVES HEAD FOR STUNNING WIN!, and continues ‘Local voters in Dudden Hill are confirming the national trend: the Conservatives are now the party of first choice in Brent…’
And the result in Dudden Hill?

Liberal Democrats 1,262 (39.8%)
Labour 1,177 (37.2%)
Tory 412 (13.0%)
Respect 160 (5.1%)
Green 156 (4.9%)

1 comment:

Jon Ball said...

Perhaps the Tories intended to write CONSERVATIVES HEAD FOR PISS-POOR THIRD PLACE! but ran short of space so had to settle for something briefer?