Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Teapots fight cancer

Not only is it more civilised to make tea in a pot, but it is better for you too.

The BBC reports:

The traditional way of making tea in a pot is healthier than dunking a bag in a cup, according to scientists.

Previous research found antioxidants in tea could help protect against things like cancer and heart disease.

Now scientists in Aberdeen have shown that a cuppa only gets the maximum amount of these chemicals when the tea is given proper time to brew.


Penny Pincher said...

Well my sister will be pleased - she and her family drink tea from a mug with the tea bag still in it! Urgh. We all as a family also drink Welch's purple grape juice, eat walnuts, drink red wine, eat plain chocolate, eschew hydrogenated fats and try to follow every other life saving, life enhancing health tip going. So long as it's palatable.

AverageEarthman said...

Nothing that George Orwell couldn't have told them. In his essay "A Nice Cup of Tea" he emphasised that the tea should be strong.

Of course, he was using loose leaf tea rather than teabags - I rather suspect that the modern teabags have more finely shredded tea in them, so that they have enfused to the same strength of taste in a minute as used to take three or longer with loose leaf.

He's also right about putting the tea in the cup before the milk and having no sugar.