Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Che Guevara's rugby career

In yesterday's Guardian Richard Williams revealed all.


Anonymous said...

So what position DID he play.

I always understood he was a flanker, a few days ago a tv report said scrum half, now he's a winger. So which is it?

Oh, and another famous/notorious rugby player was Idi Amin. A lock, it is said that his anti-colonialism was fuelled by his being allowed to play alongside whites, but not to socialise with them after the matches

Anonymous said...

The argentinian performance at this years world cup will finally make people stand up and realise this team no longer travel to tournements to make up numbers. Mr Guevara would have been tremendously pround of his countries efforts.

As for the position he took when actually playing... who knows; but, if he was as determined about rugby as he was about reforming social policy, he would have made one hell of a player...