Sunday, October 07, 2007

Trivial Connection of the Day

Another good one from Malcolm Redfellow Revivus. This time it is Charles Dickens and Chief Sitting Bull:

Dickens's fifth child was Francis Jeffrey Dickens, who failed as a medical student, and as an employee in his father's magazine, was some time with the Bengal Lancers, and finally took a commission in the North West Mounted Police.

That meant he spent much time patrolling what is now Manitoba, in the aftermath of the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Sitting Bull and his people were in Canada for three years (1877-80), and so Sitting Bull was kept under close observation by Sub-Inspector Dickens while they were both at Fort Walsh (now a Canadian National Historic Site).

There is also some deeply unfair criticism of Lynne Featherstone, which need not concern us here.

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