Sunday, October 28, 2007

Embedding Stanley Unwin

I am beginning to see why the young people make so much fuss about this Internet thing.

Two weeks ago I pointed you to a clip of the immortal Stanley Unwin on Youtube. If you visit that page now you will find that I have embedded the video.

Deep joy.

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Anonymous said...

I viewed your remarkybold videode and was must amusit by your contribule. Stanley was,off horse, the maestrolode of the Ingy twenty-fido and indeedy ho manifold othery languas. In shorty, Stanley was a truebold linguoistiole who did nokkers receivy the acclaimy which he did rightlyhoho deservey. Why this was the case is a totalode enigmole henveloloped in a puzzloid and furthermode a complete and unuttery
crybold and (here weepy teary) shamebole. I justly cannot understoob why Stanley was nokkers seen as the genius he truely was. No deep joy here,then. Howevery ... Stanley advancey-hoes trittly-ho in all usanasne thorcus and kneelclappery and grozey praylodes.

And in this mode we most alltime rejoiceit.Deep joy is restored and
celebrole is again the order of the grebes and daylodes.

Stanley Unwin

Goon and not forgettibold.