Friday, October 05, 2007

Hill of the Week

Following the popularity of Titterstone Clee, I bring you Robin-a-Tiptoe Hill in Leicestershire. You will find it in the sparsely populated landscape of the North and East of the county - the area known as High Leicestershire.

Legend has it that the hill, which was originally known as Howback Hill, got its name from a tall felon who was hanged there. According to which version you believe, his height made it difficult or impossible to carry out the sentence.

I have always thought that "Robin-a-Tiptoe" ought to be an alternative name for Puck.

Thanks to Sam Tait for the photograph.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Since the "Naming of Small Hills After Convicted Felons" EU Directive (EU2245.05), I was under the impression that Robin-a-Tiptoe Hill was in the process of being renamed Rumsfeld Hill. This is considered by the Lecicestershire County Council and East Midlands Hill Naming Solutions Board as more appropriate as the hill is insignificant and looks slightly weasly.

Your humble servant

Gavin Parp, FCIS (Retd)