Friday, October 05, 2007

Welcome to Michael Meadowcroft

The news of the day is that Michael Meadowcroft, who was Liberal Alliance MP for Leeds West between 1983 and 1987 and later the mainstay of the independent Liberal Party, has joined the Liberal Democrats.

Most of us got the news from Nigel Ashton's blog at midday. At 2.24 p.m. Liberal Democrat Voice posted the story, attributing it to dramatic sounding "well-placed sources".

Lord Bonkers adds: And who is to do my weeding?


Chris Abbott said...

Young Mike Oborski over in the Wyre Forest seems to be keen on environment issues and might welce a chance to work in the fresh air.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Mike Oborski died earlier this year. I always thought Lady Gardner of Parkes would be good at weeding.

Chris Abbott said...

Oh dear, I didn't know that. I am sorry to learn that news.