Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Drop Jonathan Ross and save the BBC £18m

Liz Hunt, in the Daily Telegraph, says "BBC's Jonathan Ross is sleazy, smug and crass."

I don't know about that, but I am watching Film 2007 and BBC's Jonathan Ross is dull, dull, dull.

The BBC has a broadcaster on film who would make it a more interesting programme overnight: Mark Kermode. He was on Newsnight Review with Matthew Sweet a couple of weeks ago. Both are infinitely more interesting on film than Ross is.

With Ross you always suspect a conflict of interest. If he gives big Hollywood names bad reviews, will they refuse to appear on his chatshow next time round?

And does he have to mention the fact that his wife is a screenwriter every week?


Anonymous said...

It's rare when someone - in a moment of genius - comes up with an idea that is so much better than what came before. And even less common when that idea is so much cheaper than the current option.

Mark Kermode - YES!

That's inspired. Can we have a Facebook group or online petition or something?

Anonymous said...

The fundamental problem with Ross is that he comes across as not actually knowing anything about film! He may do but he simply doesnt look or sound credible.

Mark Kermode is a fantastic idea. If they want to freshen up the format they transplant his brilliantly funny double act with Simon Mayo to TV.

Anonymous said...

Certainly agree about Kermode. He pisses me off a lot of the time, but so did Barry Norma. At least he has a real passion for film. Ross is just a fanboy.