Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Drop Jonathan Ross altogether

Yesterday I suggested that the BBC should drop Jonathan Ross from Film 2007 and give it to the far more interesting Mark Kermode instead.

That would leave his chatshow.

For some entertaining vituperation against that, read Tam Cowan in the Daily Record:
In the same week that 230 job losses were announced by BBC Scotland, I wonder how many Beeb employees smashed their TV screens within the first five minutes of the Jonathan Ross show on Friday night?

Believe it or not, the man with the infamous £18million contract asked his guest, the captain of the England women's football team, if the players swapped jerseys at the end of a match.

Jeez-oh, even Bobby Davro stopped using that gag about 15 years ago.

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Anonymous said...

Is it worth reviewing Jonathan Ross's contract in light of his "joke" about Heather Mills McCartney only having 1 leg (having lost the other in a terrible and desperately painful accident)? Or is it OK to make that type of bullying joke?