Sunday, July 20, 2008

BritBlog Roundup 179: The Stiperstones Inn edition

When I wrote the other day that I was heading for the hills, I forgot that I was due to do the BritBlog Roundup this weekend. Thanks to the good offices of The Stiperstones Inn and its free broadband access, this is not a problem.

I am assured that Skittles is flourishing, but she has not put in an appearance yet.

Probably because of the summer holiday season, there are fewer nominations than usual this time, so no clever categories. But as this Roundup is being completed earlier in the day than is usual, I shall check in a day or two and add any nominations that have come in late.

Anyway, here we go...

K T Dodge tackles the issue of the week - knife crime.

Is there more to life than shoes? has two guest posts from someone who has served in Afghanistan (here and here), where I am sure there is more to life.

And Letter by a Feminist looks at motherhood and and work:
First off, let’s get rid of the idea that women ‘choose’ to work. Women, even mothers, have as much right to work as men. We do not sit around discussing how father’s ‘choose’ to work despite having children, or comment on how selfish or irresponsible they are for fertilising women and then not staying home with the baby. People need to work, women included.
Unity on Liberal Conspiracy calls Britain's libel laws "a national disgrace".

Now for some undiplomatic diplomats. Craig Murray is a hero of the blogosphere (and your editor this week). Charles Crawford, a fellow ambassador, begs to differ. He begins to state his case here and replies to Craig's reply here. An exchange to watch.

A Very British Dude thinks this Labour government is bankrupting the country, while Stumbling and Mumbling has some characteristically wise words:
the real divide isn’t between “left” and “right” but between those who believe in spontaneous, undirected order and those who believe in top-down management, be it in government or business.
The daily puzzle site Doodlemail asked for a plug - though I am not sure it is strictly a blog within the meaning of the Act.

And I may be prolonging my holiday for a while because this e-mail arrived during my week of editing the Roundup:

Congratulations your electronic email is among the two lucky winners that won $2,000,000.00 {Two Million United State Dollars}Each in the just concluded draw held to promote South African 2010 Football World Cup, sponsored by British American tobacco companies S.A and South Africa Expatriate companies . for prize claiming, Call Mr. Joseph Benjamin on this phone number.
Finally, obscene Welsh road signs:

This sign though is a perfect example of why translations should be done by people who can speak both languages, not by an English speaker with a dictionary. Because to any Welsh speaking reader, this sign does not say "Tow Away Zone".

It says...
But to know what it says you will have to read Amlwch to Magor.

Next week's Roundup will be at Philobiblon. Nominations to: britblog [at] gmail [dot] com please.

Later. No more nominations, but I did get to meet Skittles again.

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