Thursday, July 31, 2008

Your top 10 conspiracy theories

Here is a perfect silly season story. A thousand British adults were interviewed to see which conspiracy theories they believe. Here are the results:
  1. Area 51 exists to investigate aliens (48%)
  2. 9/11 was orchestrated by the US government (38%)
  3. Apollo landing was a hoax (35%)
  4. Diana and Dodi were murdered (32%)
  5. The Illuminati secret society and masons are trying to take over the world (25%)
  6. Scientologists rule Hollywood (17% )
  7. Barcodes are really intended to control people (7%)
  8. Microsoft sends messages via Wingdings (6%)
  9. US let Pearl Harbour happen (5%)
  10. The world is run by dinosaur-like reptiles (3%)
Thanks to the Guardian for the full list. There is an article about it in the Scotsman.


Anonymous said...

I'm not entirely sure 'the US let pearl harbor happen' deserves to be on the list. I'm not saying I do believe it, but I've heard people make a persuasive enough case that the US government might have known about the attack, concluded that it was too late to do anything about it given the location of the Japanese fleet was unknown and salvaged as much of the Pacific fleet - including the aircraft carriers - as possible. Like I say, I don't believe this, but if I come across someone who does I don't immediately think they're insane as, say, someone who believes they've been abducted by aliens or that the moon landing was fake. It seems to be a misinterpretation of historical data rather than out-and-out idiocy.

In light of the publication of the right honourable member for Lewes book, does 'David Kelly was murdered by government forces' deserve to appear on your list? (wikipedia says 22.7% of the public surveyed believe it was not suicide). Or for that matter 'The CIA conspired to overthrow Harold Wilson' -

Anonymous said...

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