Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Nick Clegg is cooler than Gordon Brown or David Cameron

But Alistair Darling is cooler than all of them.

Let me explain.

The Daily Telegraph reports that out our political leaders were asked to name their favourite Beatles song as part of Liverpool's Beatles Day celebration.

Gordon Brown chose "All My Loving":

"this was my early favourite because it was the first I learnt to play on the piano when my parents sent me for lessons when I was young."
David Cameron chose "The Long and Winding Road":

"I'm a McCartney fan."
Nick Clegg chose "A Day in the Life":

"Even after all this time, it still sounds innovative and radical."

And Alistair Darling chose "Strawberry Fields Forver":

"It reminds me of the 60s at their best - in the words and music they are describing real life, unlike so many other songs of that time."
Putting the results into the Liberal England coolometer produces the following league table:
  1. Alistair Darling
  2. Nick Clegg
  3. David Cameron
  4. Gordon Brown
The gap between first and second place is very narrow - these are my two favourite Beatles songs, But I think "Stawberry Fields" just shades it.

Still, well done Nick.

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Rob Parsons said...

I would have thought Gordo's would be "Help".