Friday, July 04, 2008

Ludlow blog wars

From time to time this blog has drawn attention to the antics of Ludlow's town council - surely Britain's most dysfunctional local authority?

Now the South Shropshire Journal has drawn our attention to the existence of Ludlovius, which is a blog designed to expose the doings of the councillors.

There is now only one posting on the blog, and in it the author announces that he is closing the thing down. But the cached version shows there have been more postings in the past. And it leads us on to CittaScam Ludlow - "Lancing the boil on the arse of the whore of Ludlow".

The plot thickens.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps everyone would just like to grow up and spend a little of the energy wasted on these petty arguments in finding a way forward for the town and community of Ludlow. In a time when all rural communities are increasingly finding it hard to find ways of surviving in an uncertain future The waste of time and opportunity that small minded politicians seem determined to pursue is little short of criminal.

Anonymous said...

I have never read such a load of rubbish before. Whoever writes "Cittascam Ludlow" should check their facts, and if they have concerns about what Cittaslow is actually about, maybe they should come straight to the Directors of Cittaslow Ludlow.
But they would rather remain anonymous, and not even allow comments to be posted. If your identity should ever get out, I hope you have a lawyer on stand-by, 'cos you're going to need one.