Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Curse of Lembit is lifted

Lembit Opik's antics used to be an unfailing source of inspiration for Lib Dem bloggers. But in recent days his life has been touched by personal tragedy, so we have tended to leave him in peace.

But things may be looking up. Because someone has finally defeated the feared Curse of Lembit.

Back in April I reported that Ruth Reed had launched her campaign for the Presidency of the Royal Institute of British Architects by publicising her endorsement by Lembit. Given what normally happens to people who receive his support (Charles Kennedy, Mark Oaten), you had to admire her courage, if not her judgement.

The good news is reported by The Architects' Journal:
Ruth Reed has been elected as the next president of the RIBA – the first time a woman has ever been appointed to the role.
Reed was also endorsed by George Ferguson, a former RIBA President and Liberal parliamentary candidate for Bristol West.


Anonymous said...

Personal tragedy - you have to be joking! Or very very naive. Lembit is the architect of his own downfall. You live by the sword etc......The only real curse is the fact he's still out there in the land of politics. He's a joke and makes the party seem like a joke.

Anonymous said...

(to above anonymous): his fiance/wife/girlfriend had a miscarriage. surley that counts as a personal tragedy??!

Anonymous said...

Indeed sad, if you actually believe it. Could also be cynical use of the media...........
Let's face it, an addiction to publicity was the real driving force behind it all.
Does anyone really take car crash Lembit Opik seriously on anything anymore???