Thursday, July 10, 2008

John Amis has a blog

The former My Music panelist John Amis, who is now aged 86, has a classical music blog called John Amis online.

Trivia: John Amis is a cousin of the novelist Kingsley Amis.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for drawing my attention to John Amis's genial and informative blog. John is one the great anecdotalists, and an all round good egg. Would that the BBC still made more use of him.

islabaring said...

i know John Amis now and his life is incredible. He is always writing , reviewing and always working on the next project,
He is a National treasure and we are so lucky to hear him speak and klearn so much from his knowledge . HE KNEW so many composers an understand their music, he also understands the structure of how mucis is made.
My friends ask me if we could have a monthly talk on any musicial subject he flet like talking about . Briilant idea
anyone want to join in ? you will learn something !