Monday, July 14, 2008

No to the Pennbury eco-town

I have an article on Comment is Free this morning under the title Let's hear it for Leicestershire:
it is hard to believe the Pennbury site in Leicestershire would have got anywhere near Caroline Flint's eco-towns shortlist if it were in the south east.

In his Midland England – which is to those fighting Midlandsism what The Woman's Room was to early feminists – WG Hoskins described eastern Leicestershire as "a landscape of sharp hills, woodland, stone-built villages and many fine churches".

Let's hope that landscape remains intact and that more people are able to overcome their prejudices and enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you can blame Midlandism for Pennbury. Most of the proposed towns are grossly inappropriate.

Weston Otmoor uses a large chunk of green belt and traffic conditions are already so bad at the location that it will cost £200 to drive out at peak times. The Weston Front say that nearby towns will be badly affected as Pennbury will affect Leicester.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen p10 of Private Eye which contains some interesting assertions as to how Pennbury made it on to the shortlist?