Thursday, July 03, 2008

Gareth Epps: Amnesiac?

The Reading Evening Post reports:
it has come to our attention that Lib Dem leader Gareth Epps and his party colleague and partner, Daisy Benson, opted for a Radiohead gig on Tuesday rather than the full council meeting.
I'm not a Reading voter, of course, but this seems a sensible decision to me. No one dies wishing he had spent more time in committee meetings.

The Diary items also reveals who is behind the satirical site muckspReading.


Anonymous said...

Had the Council not supplied the dates for Council meetings several weeks after tickets sold out, I'd have gone on the Wednesday!

The best gig Radiohead have done since the first time I saw them in 1989 when they were still called On A Friday.

Was said...

Mick Spreader's identity was leaked in April 2007.

I always thought it was the mild mannered janitor.