Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Liberal England year - part 2

Yesterday we got as far as June.


Jeremy Thorpe called for the assassination of Robert Mugabe and Nick Clegg proved to be cooler than Gordon Brown or David Cameron.

On holiday in Shropshire I visited The Bog and was reminded of Lady Allen of Hurtwood and the 1948 Children Act.


I was sceptical of reports of Uighur terrorism on the eve of the Beijing Olympics, missing children were all over the newspapers and Lord Bonkers mourned the breaking of Lembit's engagement.


Telford & Wrekin took it into its head to stop and question single people found in its parks - a story this blog did something to bring to the attention of the national media.

I mourned the decline of map-reading and, unlike the Guardian, refused to pass lightly over Alistair Darling's Trotskyite past.


I celebrated the wisdom of J. W. "Paddy" Logan, Liberal MP for Harborough in the good old days, and discovered that a priceless Liberal relic had fallen into enemy hands.

I also questioned the future of the BBC licence fee a few days before Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand did their best to shorten its life.


This month I became a tad irritated, interviewed Nick Clegg and insisted that the death of Baby P (Peter, to give him his proper name) was a political matter.


Mr Speaker Martin was contrasted unfavourably with one of his predecessors.

I mourned Oliver Postgate and Conor Cruise O'Brien, and defended innuendo.

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Anonymous said...

Well done Jonathon. I visit your blog regularly and yes, you most certainly did do you bit on the Penguins and bring it to the attention of the national press.