Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bernard Donoughue in the New Statesman

Lord Donoughue, who was senior policy adviser to Harold Wilson and Jim Callaghan, writes the diary in this week's New Statesman. He has two nice anecdotes:
When I first joined the House in 1985 I dutifully dressed up and was seated for three hours next to Lord Joe Kagan, the menacing friend of Lady Falkender who was jailed for tax evasion. 
I later explained to a House official that I had spent some of my life trying to avoid jail and jailbirds and did not expect the Lords to bring me into such close contact. I haven't been to the Queen's Speech since.
I am reminded that a senior detective inspector from Maidenhead once explained to me: "You have to understand that the root of this country's law and order problem is that our police are a lot thicker than the villains."

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