Monday, December 15, 2008

Journeys magazine: The Robin Hood Line

Should you find yourself travelling on East Midlands Trains, why not pick up a copy of their free magazine Journeys? The Winter 2008 issue contains a short article by (hem, hem) me on the Robin Hood Line (that's Nottingham to Worksop).

It mostly looks at Newstead Abbey (where Lord Byron lived) and Creswell Crags.


Joe Otten said...

Nottingham and Worksop, bah!

Nottingham was the villain of the stories. Robin was based around Barnsdale further up Watling Street in Yorkshire.

It's like having Sparta claim credit for Athens' democracy.

Niles said...

Robin Hood line - now open Sundays, too.

Have you been to Newstead Abbey recently? I was really quite amazed at how good it is!

Geoff said...

For some pictures of the original Creswell station see where I was bought up in the 50's