Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sir Oliver Franks and my Eight for 2008

The other day, dusting of a favourite anecdote for possible seasonal use, I came across a posting where I repeated it. In that posting, after being tagged by Iain Dale, I gave my eight wishes for 2008. I thought it might be interesting to see how many of them have been fulfilled.

Before I do, I must record my discovery that the Sir Oliver Franks who features in that anecdote is the same person as the Lord Franks who, 34 years later, wrote the report that exonerated Margaret Thatcher and her government from any blame for not anticipating the Argentine invasion of the Falklands.

Anyway, those wishes in full...

1. Nick Clegg to turn out to be half as good as his supporters claimed he was during the election campaign

It has not happened, but I suspect the fault is not wholly Nick's nor even that of his supporters. Nick is wrestling with the same problem that has faced all the party's leaders: what, exactly, do we stand for?

2. Guantanamo Bay to close

It has not happened, but it looks a more realistic hope than it did a year ago.

3. A Lib Dem education policy that goes further than "we agree with the NUT"

We are no longer the voice of the NUT, but it hard now to say what we stand for. As Nick said on the flight to Inverness, David Laws is finding it hard to compete with the Tories in this area.

4. Jonathan Ross to be sacked by the BBC

A three-month suspension is not a bad result.

5. Me to get more paid writing published

Thanks to those nice people at the New Statesman in particular, this has happened.

6. Andrew Flintoff to return to test cricket

He is playing for England today

7. Chelsea to win the Champions League

They fell one penalty kick short

8. Leicester Tigers to win everything in sight

They won nothing, though they did reach the final of the EDF Cup.


Manfarang said...

"What do we stand for?"
Peace,Retrenchment and Reform!

Anonymous said...

8. Also the final of the Guinness Premiership playoffs.