Thursday, December 18, 2008

Two Tory councillors resign from Telford & Wrekin group

Telford & Wrekin councillors Denis Allen and George Ashcroft have today resigned the Conservative whip. Their action follows a "significant deterioration in the working relationship between them and the leader of the Conservative group at Telford & Wrekin".

Telford & Wrekin Council Watch has all the details.

The Conservative-run council became notorious earlier this year for harassing innocent penguins and questioning single people found in the town's parks.

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Anonymous said...

Absolute disgrace!

It now turns out that the penguins in the park rubbish was a trick to get councillor allen out of the way.

Old Labour-friendly officers still can't get over the fact that Labour lost and are doing their best to get Labour back in power. Now aided by the venal Andrew Eade and alleged Conservative and leader of the council.