Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy birthday Southwell Minster

The website of England's least-known cathedral says:
A year of Celebrations for the 900th anniversary of Southwell Minster has helped boost visitor numbers, with some 90,000 people visiting the cathedral over the past 10 months – which is 20,000 up on last year.

Another page on the site explains:
Southwell is a small Nottinghamshire market town. It has many attractive Georgian houses and is dwarfed by the Minster. It also has strong Civil War connections: Charles I spent his last night of freedom at the Saracen’s Head Hotel.

Other distinguished figures such as Edward Cludd, who saved the Minster during the Civil War, Lord Byron and Cardinal Wolsey have lived in the town. It is also the ‘birthplace’ of the famous Bramley Apple.


Ryan said...

But do you call it South-well or Suth-all?

Jonathan Calder said...

As I understand it, if you live there you call it South-wool. If you live anywhere else in Nottinghamshire you call it Suth-all.

Anonymous said...


Unually for you - not quite correct.

It is South-well to the residents, but Suth-all for Nottighamshire's. We therefore, have Suth-all Minster in South-well.

PS Southwell has a Lib Dem controlled Town Council and 3 Lib Dem District Councillors too.