Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Nick Clegg: Talking loudly on public transport

Following Nick's being overheard on the flight to Inverness, Danny Finkelstein reminds us that he has previous.

In May 2006 Kevin Maguire wrote:

That thrusting young Minger Nick Clegg should learn to swivel his head to spy who is sitting within earshot before shouting into a mobile phone about an aged Olympic sprinter off to a poor start.

While waiting on Bournemouth station for the London train, it was impossible for your columnist not to overhear the Lib Dems' home affairs chap itemising, between sips of Red Bull, his leader Sir Ming Campbell's political crimes. Ming the Mediocre, according to Clegg, is hesitant and disorganised, commits avoidable errors and lacks momentum but - this was the loyal bit - is capable of recovering.

At least we are only worrying about our leader's Red Bull habit these days.

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Jo Hayes said...

Speak for yourself. I'm worrying about a lot more than that. His office has wisely decided that the story had better not be true.