Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nick Clegg's new year message

Inspired by Peter Black, I am doing my party loyalist thing.


Peter Black said...

It is catching isn't it? :-)

Matthew Huntbach said...

The country's in a mess, and it's all the fault of nasty Labour and Conservatives.

We're different er um, yes, we're really different um er, that's us different.

(Punter - "You don't sound very different").

We're going to cut taxes, yes, lots of tax cuts - so you can all go out spending lots of money.

(Punter - "Isn't going out and spending lots of money what got us in this mess in the first place?").

But we're against cuts in VAT.

(Punter - "But I thought you just said tax cuts were a good thing").

We're going to spend lots of money on better schools, better health services, better transport, er um

(Punter - "They all say that")

We're different, yes, we're oh so different.

(Punter - "You said that already")

We're going to spend more and more, extra spending for deprived children, smaller class sizes

(Punter - "How are you going to pay for all that, given you've just told us you're going to make big tax cuts?")

We're in a time of crisis

(Punter - "Yes, we know that, but you don't sound as if you understand how we got into this mess")

We're really really different, oh yes

(Punter - "Saying it doesn't make you different, just what the heck makes you really different?")

Imagine ...

(Punter - "Oh don't come all John Lennon on me, I want to hear something practical")

We're really, different, oh yes.

(Punter - "oh yes").