Monday, December 08, 2008

Calder's Comfort Farm: Inflammable Brownies and Len Duvall

The latest Calder's Comfort Farm has been posted on the New Statesman website:

I had not heard of Len Duvall before today. He sounds like a ballroom champion whose attempt at Continental sophistication - by adopting “Duvall” - is undercut by his first name. Maybe he is one of the less popular judges on Strictly Come Dancing?

He turns out to be the leader of the Labour group on the Greater London Authority.

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HE Elsom said...

According to Julian Slade's obituary in the Guardian, he was Julian Slade's brother, not his cousin. I seem to remember that there was a third brother, a High Court judge, and that there is a photo of the three of them in drag singing a cabaret number.